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 Date  News Title  Source
5 April 2012 Role of ICT in Sustainable Development - The Road Ahead The Financial Express
17 November 2011 Seminar on ICT in education for sustainable development TERI
6 November 2011 Educational Camp at Kothi (Manali) TERI
2 November 2011 Seminar on ICT in ESD in Shimla and Chandigarh TERI
3 May 2010 Report on Drinking Water Testing activity Shastri Model School, Phase-1, Mohali

Report on Drinking Water Testing activity
Shastri Model School, Phase-1, Mohali, 3 May 2010

Water forms about two third of the human body, it is taken directly or indirectly as a part of food. It is essential for physiological activities of living beings. If we drink contaminated water then it causes many serious diseases like Cholera, Diarrhea, and Typhoid etc. So it is very necessary that the water we drink must be pure. To check the impurities of water in Mohali & its adjoining areas The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi provided a Drinking Water Testing Kit to our school & our school is very thankful to the organization for this act of kindness. On 17 April 2010, 8th class students & our science teachers (Ms Simarjit Kaur & Ms Sapna) conducted the Drinking Water Testing Activity in the school premises. In this activity the students collected water from their respective areas. The main areas were Phase-1, Phase-7, Phase-5, Phase-9 of Sector 56, Palsoura, Village Balongi, & Village Daun etc. Students with the help of their teachers tested water of different areas and told them about the impurities present in it. The team performed Ph test, hardness test, Chloride test, Flouride test, Nitrate test, & residual chlorine test. The teachers told the students about impurities present in water and their ill effects, which they have brought from their respective areas. All students watched & listened the activity in very interesting way. After that the students performed the same tests at their own & were taught about the impurities of water that lies in the water of their respective areas. The students promised to carry out this activity in the villages also & to guide the public.