Training programmes for schools in Pune
15 December 2012


A training workshop for students from the marginalized schools was organized on 15 December 2012 at the DELL office, Pune. A total of 40 students and 6 teachers from the 5 marginalized schools participated in the workshop. Mr Swapnil Patil and Mr Abhijit Jain from DELL acted as the resource persons.

The objective of the workshop was to impart knowledge on the ICT techniques. The students from marginalized schools seldom get a chance to work and learn about computers due to unavailability of computers and expert teaching as well.

The students were alternately provided training on both hardware and the software. Mr Patil undertook the session on software training where he elaborated on MS Office and other aspects such as operating system, internet, and web browsers. He also covered MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint and made sure that the students practically used it themselves. Later, he stressed on basic concepts of operating system, origin of internet and the different types of web browsers were explained briefly. Mr Patil also gave special emphasis on career goals and discussed about the various career options that the students can look forward to in the future.

The second session on hardware training was conducted by Mr Abhijit Jain. He started with an introduction to computer hardware. He categorized devices into three groups, viz., input devices, output devices, and communication devices and explained the devices in detail. In addition, he also explained uses of RAM, CD-ROM, hard disk drive, and processor.

Each student was provided with an individual system to work in the well-quipped computer lab of the DELL facility. Also, they got ample time to work on various topics covered during the discussion so that they can practically use the knowledge and also get expert advice from the DELL trainers.