Capacity Building Workshops

Initiation Workshops

The introductory workshop was conducted in all the 3 cities. The main objectives of the introductory workshop was to brief the member schools about the project and the interventions it entails for all of them; to introduce them to the project website and to sensitize them on issues related to Climate change. The platform was also utilized to familiarize both the Government and Private schools and also to initiate interaction between them.

Saarthi Workshops

A School Mentorship Programme is a flagship initiative of Climate EduXchange. Saarthi as the name suggests is coined after Lord Krishna from the Hindu mythology which means 'driver'. The programme encourages the more empowered schools to mentor the lesser privileged schools on the grounds of spreading awareness on the issues of Environment conservation and facilitate in teaching learning process and encourage usage of ICT tools within the campus. Saarthi also aims at creating relationships at all levels through well designed interventions. The idea behind the programme is not only to build capacities of the Mentee schools but also to inculcate leadership traits and emotional quotient within Saarthi Schools while working with all the sections of society.

Assembly Sessions

As part of the programme, assembly sessions in each city were conducted. These sessions were a refresher course on climate change followed by an activity that can be undertaken in a campaign mode. In some of the assembly sessions, employees from Dell International Services India Pvt. Ltd. also participated.


As a part of the project, poster making and story writing competitions were organized to engage students in thinking and reflecting upon important issues surrounding climate change. All the entries from the three cities were judged by Dell employees.

Capacity Building on Hardware

The project climate EduXchange focuses on harnessing the potential of technology to spread awareness about the environment. To ensure that technology is being used at its best training sessions for the students on various hardware components of a computer such as, Central Processing Unit (CPU), monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, mother-board, CD-DVD drive, etc., have been organized. This has been done using innovative means like diagrams, flow charts etc. Snapshots of various training workshops.

Capacity Building on Environment

The project Climate EduXchange focuses on using technology as a medium to spread awareness on various environmental issues. A series of initiatives have been undertaken to spread awareness on environmental issues like special sessions on waste management at office premises , vermi composting, community clean-up drives, tree plantation drives etc have undertaken as part of the project involving the larger school community and volunteers from Dell.